The Volkswagon Conversion Plans

VW 1/2 engine

volkswagen volkswagon engine conversion plans

These plans go along with many of the airplanes plans and info that we sell. Whenever you need Volkswagen power the information here can help you. Designed by M.J. Spring, these are the complete plans to convert a Volkswagon car engine into a 1/2 aircraft engine.

picture of volkswagen conversion

Complete plans included pictures, manual, and all blueprints necessary to convert your Volkswagen engine. Get these printed and shipped to you in the mail with our blueprints buy option.

Price: $19.99

Printed on standard paper. Crisp legible prints. I have taken the time to convert the outdated .wmf files into a better format that is printable and readable. Get the blueprints package and you won’t be disappointed.

Volkswagen Engine Conversion Plans

Get our blueprints package with crisp legible prints and complete instructions.

Get the old blueprints files in .wmf format here. The WMF file format is the old windows version of .svg files (Scalable Vector Graphic) They can be zoomed indefinitely. Must have windows machine to read files. Black background with white text (not really printable). Download the old files below.

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