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I was SHOCKED when eBay and Etsy BANNED ME from selling this license plate!

confederate flag license plate banned


In light of all the recent media coverage of the shooting in South Carolina and the subsequent left-wing liberals push towards removal of the Confederate Flag, I decided it would be a great time to voice my thoughts through graphic design.

In addition to my small hobby-business (Tinker Source) I have also been involved in a new start-up business called Signs And Tags Online. My new business custom designs license plate tags and other small metal signs.
The technology we use is pretty cool—its called Dye-Sublimation. I can take any photo or design and “embed” it right into the metal.

First I print out the designs with a special ink that turns to gas when it gets hot, then I mate the aluminum license plate and transfer design together and “cook” them in a heat press. The end result is a BEAUTIFUL license plate with a high-gloss finish. It is UV resistant and cannot be scratched!

confederate flag


The Shock

I designed a beautiful Confederate Flag License Plate and promptly listed it on eBay and Etsy (online auction marketplaces). Within 45 minutes I had already sold 2 tags on eBay! But the next email that came in from eBay was quite a shock!

It said:

eBay has made a decision to no longer permit Confederate battle flag listings. We believe the image of the flag itself has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. This is not a reflection or judgment on anyone selling the item and we respect that there are a wide variety of opinions on this issue. We thank you for your understanding and ask you to please not list these kinds of items.

Are you serious?georgia-bulldogs

A symbol of divisiveness and racism? Thank you CNN! You’ve changed the meaning of the Southern flag! Political correctness is taking its toll. What’s next? Removal of the good old Stars and Stripes because some people are offended by it? Let’s run with that logic for a minute…. I am going to start protesting the Georgia Bulldogs Flag (you know it offends me :0) we need total removal of this symbol of hatred (just kidding btw).

Censored by Etsy

Then a few minutes later, I get an email from Etsy saying, Your listing has been deactivated…”
Good ol’ political correctness at work again… All manner of obscene and disgusting merchandise can be purchased through these marketplaces but a piece of our southern history—now a sign of hatred—cannot be bought or sold !?!?!?!?!?

So I’ve decided they’re not going to win! I will NOT bow to their heavy-handed politically correct bullying!
The Rebel Flag is still for sale, but now that the mainstream marketplaces have placed it under the ban, it must be sold privately.
I’ve posted this tag for sale through my Tinker Source website. It includes FREE Shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. I ship within 1 business day of receiving payment and all orders are shipped via USPS First-Class shipping—so you get it quick!

All orders are crafted by hand and are made in Tennessee.
Support a southern business!


When Ordering: All payments are made through PayPal, this means you get PayPal buyer protection and can pay easily with your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply select “Pay with credit/debit card” to complete your purchase using your credit card.

Price: $19.99
Not Available For This Item

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  • Good job! Keep up the great work! I’ll keep you in mind when I’m looking for this kind of item.

  • Justus Ehlert

    Good on you!!!! I agree 100% buddy. I need to buy a large flag like this. Can you help me? https://yourkillinmesmalls.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/confederate_flag_by_sarragrace.jpg

  • Jake

    The “Southern Flag” it is not. It is the Confederate Flag and the confederacy represents racism. There is no complication in this issue it is fact. The Georgia Bulldogs flag doesn’t have a direct and obvious connection to racism and if you were to be offended by it you would be laughed at in the same manner for which you support the confederate flag. There shouldn’t even be a discussion on this. This being said, I think censorship is wrong and you should be free to sell whatever you want even if it’s hate filled racist symbolism. This is America and you should have the right to pretty much sell whatever the hell you want.

    • Deborah

      you seriously need to bone up on your history.

  • Frank

    Jake you are so very wrong. The flag is a piece of history; nothing more. NOT a symbol of hatred, but a symbol of the states that stood against an all powerful federal government. The rewriting of history is almost complete as businesses ban anything involving the Confederate Flag. With 95% (or more) of the population believing that the Civil War was all about slavery (which is immoral and never should have existed in the first place), too many are missing the reality that it was about a power struggle between states and the federal govt. Today we live in a country where the federal govt has its fingers in too many things it was never meant to by our founding fathers. The Confederate Flag is one of the last symbols of the sovereignty of states and people. This is NOT about racism. It’s not about white on black murder; black on white murder. MURDER of anyone is hateful, evil and criminal. It doesn’t matter the color of the perpetrator or the victim. Wake up and smell the coffee, people. The mainstream media is feeding you a sack of crap so you don’t pay attention to the fact that the federal govt, in its current guise, is leading us down the path to a race war and an ever separated American populace. Remember this above all else: The govt isn’t what makes America strong. AMERICANS make America strong. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to hold the power. THAT was what the Civil War was about. WE THE PEOPLE have been gradually reduced in value in our voice to those who allegedly represent us for close to a century or more now.

  • Derrell Lee

    The next thing banned will be uncle Ben’s rice aunt jamima syrup and best movie of all time Gone With the Wind probably ban tooth paste cause it makes your teeth white.

  • Derrell Lee

    Some idiot spray Painted a confederate monument how will people feel if some Idiot spray Painted Martin Luther king Jr monument it’s wrong either way.

  • kluvspring

    With all thats going on from the White House I wouldn’t put it past “him” to get rid of the American Flag as well.. God will deal with those.. He is coming soon

  • they won’t stop me, either. Come and get ’em. Tags, koozies, signs, coasters – whatever you want!

  • Melanie

    OK I tested Ebay on this. If you put in Confederate you will not find anything but books. But for now…If you put in Rebel you will find everything you want!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Heritage or hate our freedom ain’t limited…#southernpride

  • TJ

    Jake, I really wish you’ll idiots would stop insisting that the Confederate flagis racist.
    If you really knew any history at all on this matter, then you’d know that the “AMERICAN FLAG” is the flag that was used for racism….
    The end.

  • whiskeyrunner

    God helps those That help them self

  • Micah Davison

    Good job brother way to resist and fight against the situation at hand. I will definitely be in contact with you to pick up mine.

  • Christine

    It’s a shame! I’m southern born and raised, served my country, proud, and I make no apologies! It is getting harder and harder to tolerate these foreigners and idiots constantly challenging everything we stand for as a country. It’s stirring up anger. The day I am told to take down my flag is the day “they” bury me in it. Where is that unity and pride after 9/11?! It’s unreal how many aren’t speaking up and out about protecting our history, good and bad, and standing up for who we, true Americans, really are!

  • John Pershing Smith

    Keep up the great work! Do not bow, do not bend, do not break! Please be careful of what I am about to say here: PayPal is NOT your friend… They will do the same thing to you AND freeze your money!!! You need to find an alternate source of payment. If you have a website with GoDaddy, you can have a merchant account immediately… Spread it around so that you don’t get frozen out of business! God Bless you and your efforts! John “dixieprideandguts.com” (Business not activated)

  • joseph

    Really your going with racism.When it gave them freedom.They can even be President. I’d re-think that. Hey they can even vote. Don’t think they could before.The battle flag .

  • jennifer

    I proud of you, stand up for what’s right don’t ever bow to the devil. Let’s keep our freedom and proudly show it off.

  • Dungbeetle

    Got mine – from Tennessee to the UK in 5 days (including the weekend)!!. Great service and a classy plate. It’ll hang proudly here as long as I’m around. It’s a Southern thing….

  • Lilith

    Try amazon I still see our flag there