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Curtiss-Wright Junior Airplane Plans

The Junior was a classic tandem two-seat parasol monoplane from the 1930s, with the engine mounted above the wing and driving a pusher prop just behind the trailing edge. The Junior was Curtiss-Wright’s attempt at a general aviation sport and training airplane, and by all accounts flew very well. It was used for training, sport flying, and even for coyote hunting in the mid-west. In addition to the obvious traditional uses, it also excelled at some unconventional ones.
The magnificent view from the front cockpit, no propeller in the way, the ability to easily mount a shotgun on a swivel mount on the nose, and short-field landing capabilities made it one of the best coyote-hunting airplanes ever built. Today there are still a large number of them flying, as well as some homebuilt designs inspired by it, such as the Woody’s Pusher.

Originally named the “Skeeter.” The most recent airplane was designated “CW-1 Junior.”  There are still a number of these classic airplanes in flying condition.

 Curtis Wright CW-1 Junior airplane


Year: 1931
Engine: 3-cyl. Szekely
Horsepower: 45 HP
Wingspan: 39′ -6″ (12.04 m)
Length: 21′ -3″ (6.46 m)
Top Speed: 80 mph (128 km/h)
Gross Weight: 975 lbs. (442 kg)
Ceiling: 12,000′ (3657 m)

curtiss wright junior with enclosed cabin

Old photo from April 1936 Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Features an enclosed cabin for winter flying.

Our plans are from the best available copies of the original prints to this aircraft. As such, some portions are hard to read or view.  As far as we know, we are the only people who have plans to this aircraft available.  Check out the links below for more information about the CW-1 Junior.

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