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XMH1 Microlight Helicopter

xmh1 Novel propcopter concept plans.

The X-Microlight Helicopter 1 represents a novel form of blade-driven helicopter designs. The X-MH1 represents an important concept of “prop-driven” machines. Still in the development stage, these plans are not complete, but still contain enough information so you can start construction on your own propcopter.

The Microlight Helicopter’s design objective is to maximize the use of structure and engine power to lift a person with sufficient controls. X-MH1’s rotor blades are turned by the thrust from a pair of propeller engines. Unlike conventional helicopters in which blades are powered by an engine in the fuselage, X-MH1’s lifting disc is created without a reaction force (torque) exerting on the fuselage. This design eliminates tail rotor, clutch, reduction gears, and a larger engine to power the friction energy lost.

Approx. 2mb digital download file size
Price: $5.00
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