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The OMH-Eagle Ultralight Helicopter
complete plans

Homebuilt helicopter plans for the OMH EagleDid you ever want to fly a helicopter? This easy to build one man home built helicopter can be made from standard parts that are available from your local hardware and auto parts store. Best of all, if you buy everything on the parts list, it will cost you less than a total of $500.00 (if you build the rotors, rotor head, and engines, yourself). No license is required to fly the helicopter; it weights less than 225 pounds, so it falls in the ultralight flight category that requires no pilot’s license. The OMH-Eagle ultralight heli uses two, specially-designed, jet powered, easy to build, engines mounted on the tips of the rotors. Starts with a push of a button, foot controls for the rudder, and has a motorcycle style handlebar controls for the rotors. This helicopter is very customizable and easy to build. Different people have built different variations. Visit the links page, for links to different builder sites.

EDITORS NOTE: In the hands of the novice, we would definitely classify this heli as a “death trap.” Make sure you read our disclaimer and understand it before buying/building.  If you do manage to get this helicopter off the ground (which is highly unlikely) you do so at your own risk. These plans may not be 100% complete, and we don’t think that the tipjet engine design is very well engineered. It would be better to use the “Gluhareff tipjet engine.”

OMH-Eagle Foreign ultralight helicopter


  • Plans to build the Helicopter
  • Plans to build the rotor blades
  • Plans to build the tip jet engines
  • Various manuals on running the engine, and assembling and flying the helicopter


Rotor Diam. = 22ft

Rotor Chord = 11.75in

Height = 68in (5.67ft)

Weight = 225lbs

Payload = 260lbs

Fuel =  propane

NOTE: these plans are currently unavailable.