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Charles 803 Ethanol Fuel Still

Achieve independence from big-oil! Produce your own ethanol fuel. Build a ethanol fuel still. Alcohol distillation information and plans.

Achieve independence from big-oil! Produce your own ethanol fuel.

Take advantage of the Charles 803 alcohol still and produce your own fuel! Energy independence  is vital for the survivalist, homesteader, or just anyone sick of rising fuel costs. You can product your own “alcohol fuel” right at home to power your automobiles, lawn mower engines, generators and much more.

Daigram of the Charles 803 Fuel Still

Why use alcohol as a fuel?

  • Grain alcohol (ethanol) is renewable.
  • Its pretty much pollution free -the only by products of combustion are water and co2.
  • Cheap to make.
  • By-products of fuel production are useful.
    According to William Jay Hale it takes 56 lbs of mixed grain to make 5 gallons of “farmer’s alcohol.” This leaves 26 lbs of leftover mash that he said contained more nutritional value than in the original grain!
    Animals fed this leftover “by product” gain weight more rapidly than others fed only straight grain.Corn for fuel. Alcohol fuel still information. Make your own still

Want your car to run cooler, faster, and better?

Feed it homegrown fuel! Did you know the original Model T made by Henry Ford was designed to run on alcohol? Henry Ford expected that ethanol made from renewable biological materials would be the major automobile fuel. Here is a quote by Mr. Ford:

“The fuel of the future is going to come from fruit like that sumach out by the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust — almost anything,” he said. “There is fuel in every bit of vegetable matter that can be fermented. There’s enough alcohol in one year’s yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for a hundred years.”

Sadly, with the advancement of cheap petroleum products and intense lobbying efforts by “oil barons” alcohol fuel was abandoned in favor of “better” petroleum products.
The future looks brighter though, with the “new” E-85 flex fuel cars that are being manufactured. These cars can run on 85% ethanol with no modifications. The onboard computer automatically adjusts to the fuel being used. Ethanol is making a comeback!

Charles 803 Fuel Still Additional Info

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Product Information:

  • Includes detailed 40 page manual/instructions (on CD) for building the still.
  • Large 24×36 printed blueprints are super easy to read.
  • Two books included FREE on data CD:
    A Practical Handbook on the Distilation of Alcohol from Farm Products by F.B. Wright
    Denatured or Industrial Alcohol by R.F. Herrick
  • Also Includes Form 5110.74 (in .pdf format) for application to permit ethanol production.

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Price: $32.00