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The Volksplane II

Complete plans to build the Volksplane 2 homebuilt airplane.

Volksplane II b&w picture

In 1966 William Evans of La Jolla California , a design specialist for Convair, started work on a basic, simple to build, (for the novice homebuilder) aircraft. After nearly three years of design & build the “Volksplane” was first flown from Ramona airport by Walt Mooney on September 6th 1968.

The Volksplane is a single seat open cockpit low wing monoplane, comprising a Spruce frame, plywood skin and fabric covered wings. It is powered by a 1500cc VW engine. The total cost of building this plane was advertised at $1000.

Riding on the success of the VP1, a two seat variant soon followed named the Volksplane II. This updated aircraft first flew from Ramona in 1971. The fuselage of the VP-2 was a foot longer than the VP1 (19ft). Although designed as a two place, due to weight restrictions, the the VP2 is really just a large VP1 often flown by straddling both positions.

Inevitably (being a homebuilt), over 35 years the VP has evolved (radically in some cases) as constructors build their own personalities into their machines. To the observer, some Volksplanes need careful attention before their pedigree can even be recognized. We may never know how many Volksplanes have been constructed. Many projects were never completed, and some were incorporated into more recent airframes.

More than 6000 sets of plans have been sold and dozens of aircraft are still under construction around the world. Evans Aircraft no longer offers Volksplane II plans for sale due to legal reasons, but Tinker Source has permission to sell these VP-2 plans. If you want more information, check out these links. Some great photos.


Volksplane II Picture

Modified Volkplane with enclose cockpit.

You can buy the plans from us on a data CD. Our plans package includes:

  • Parts list for materials required (with aircraftspruce part numbers)
  • Article on Flying the Volksplane
  • Various pictures of completed Volksplanes

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The digital plans for the VP-2 are available FREE from the link below.
Free Volksplane II vp-2 Download free plans
Powerplant VW HP range 50
Length 19 feet
Wing Span 24 feet
Wing Area 100 Square feet
Seats 1 or 2
Empty Weight 475 lbs
Gross Weight 685 lbs
Fuel Capacity 8 gallons
Range 200 miles
Takeoff distance (ground roll) 500 feet
Rate of Climb 600 feet per minute
Max Speed  95 mph
Cruise Speed 75 mph
Landing Distance (ground roll) 400 feet
Service Ceiling 10,000 feet
Stall (power off) VSL 45 mph