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Flying a helicopter

MINI-1 Ultralight helicopter plans. DIY construction

FLYING A HELICOPTER First of all, there is a common misconception that helicopters can fly straight up and down with ease. While it is true that to even get airborne (under normal conditions), the helicopter must first come to a hover, it is among the most difficult and power intensive maneuvers to perform.     The [...]


New Products +a free download from tinkersource

Well,  I’ve been adding products like a madman the past couple of days. We are almost back up to 100% of what the old site was. A few things have been changed on the website. I am writing here about one change I though you would like to know about. We are now offering the [...]


Tinker Source Site Update

Wow, what a lot of work! For the past couple weeks I have been in the process of updating our website. On the surface things will still appear the same. The theme will be the same, alot of the same content, pictures, etc. But underneath it is a totally different beast. We switched to the [...]