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The PVC Rocket Motor!

Photo of homebuilt pvc rocket motor

How would you like to build a cheap, reusable rocket motor that develops over 45 lbs of thrust?
Sounds good? Then keep reading…
This rocket motor was developed with ease of construction, and cheapness of materials in mind. All parts can be purchased at your local hardware store. Propellant is made from Potassium Nitrate and ordinary household sugar. Complete plans guide you step-by-step with multiple photos, and diagrams. Also includes plans to build the electronic high-temperature igniter. This project can be dangerous in the hands of un-qualified individuals!

thrust curve a the homemade pvc rocket motor

Get the plans to construct your own homemade rocket motor! Plans and information only available as a digital download.

Comes in a .zip file >1mb size.
Price: $3.50
Currently not available.