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High Speed Go Kart Plans

DIY go kart plans. Build your own homemade go cart from our plans and blueprints.

digital download lightening quick amazon s3 by jackietran-d3c3ny1edited by tinkersource Get these plans lightening quick from the Amazon s3 cloud with our download feature!


Super-fast go kart plans. When you feel the need for speed, this kart has it.

wrench and tools for construction. Build from plans and blueprints. Detailed construction information with complete exploded-view diagrams.


Build your own go-kart! We offer from the old Mechanix Illustrated magazine these vintage plans to build your own cart. Complete drawings guide you from start to finish with detailed photos and descriptive text. These plans have been digitally remastered by TinkerSource to super-fine print quality. You won’t be disappointed. Get your plans as a digital download and start building immediately, or buy in print form and get them mailed to your address.Picture of home built go cart. DIY plans and information to construct a go kart at home.

Go kart photo of rider filling up. Build your own go kart from our plans. Make a homemade cart.

Build your own go kart from our DIY plans.

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Select to get your plans printed on CD or paper and shipped to you through the mail.
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