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Micro Midget Racer

Micro Midget Race Car. Plans to build a micro midget racing kart.

You can build a micro midget race car from these vintage plans. This little cart is the result of 9 years of experience in building and racing micro midgets by Wayne Ison. This kart can be build for less than half the cost of purchasing one new! To simplify construction and reduce costly machining, stock Cushman scooter parts which are readily available have been incorporated into this design. Other parts are made from standard bar stock, pipe, and rods available from any steel shop.

Plans come in 2 parts complied from issues of Science and Mechanics magazine. Some of the information like price-lists and such is outdated. These plans have been digitally remastered. We believe our prints are better than the originals. Don’t settle for anything less than the best!
Get the digital download and start building from the plans immediately! Or, buy the plans printed on paper or in CDROM format and get them shipped to you in the mail.

side view of micro midget race car. Diagrams and plans view of go kart information.

Price: $7.99
Select to get your plans printed on CD or paper and shipped to you through the mail.
Price: $9.99