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Parking Lot Go Kart

Picture of go kart for children. Slow low powered go kart can go as fast or as slow as you want. Get these plans and build a cart for your kids!

The Parking Lot Go Kart is the perfect kart for your youngsters. Plans detail how to build a safe go kart with sissy guard bars on the side. Your child won’t fall out of this cart!

Construction details photo for a parking lot go kart. Build your child a safe cart for driving. Build from our plans and blueprints.Detailed photos and diagrams guide you from start to finish. Setup is simple with a clutch/braking system via belts.  This will teach children how to operate a clutch. Original setup will only allow a  max speed of 12-17 mph and can be changed later for higher speed by switching the drive pulleys.

This go-kart is built from readily obtainable electrical conduit, angle iron, and bar stock…the only power tool you will need is a drill for drilling 1/2 in. holes.

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Exploded-diagram view of parking lot speed cart plans. Build a homemade go cart from our kart plans.