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The MINI 1 Helicopter

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Congratulation on your purchase of this set of construction prints for the amazing MINI-1 helicopter, the simplest and rugged single-seat, piston-engine helicopter ever developed.

The MINI-l was originally designed and sold as kits in the 1970’s: Not much is known of the history of the MINI-1, other than that the company is no longer in business.

The plans present the latest MINI-1 design according to the original drawings. All major elements of the design are presented.

The MINI-l is not only a truly simplified helicopter; its structure is also highly efficient (with clever use of triangle geometry to yield the highest strength at the least weight). Its controls are at a minimum, which includes no more than a throttle level and a tail-rotor pitch-control pedal. The MINI-l flies by rotor rpm: to take off you rev up the engine, to land you decelerate. To turn right or left, you control the foot pedal to adjust the tail rotor pitch. The MINI-l takes off and lands vertically. It also flies forward, backward and sideways…


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