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Model Spitfire Airplane Database

Spitifre Model Airplane PhotoVickers Supermarine Spitfirespitfire model airplane

Attention all you scale modeler nuts! Check out our model airplane spitfire database. This data package is packed full with plans, blueprints, pictures, scale markings of spitfire airplanes, and much more. We have put together the most complete Spitfire plans and information package on the web. This is EXCLUSIVE! You won’t find this anywhere else! Here is a list of the the plans that you’ll get in your data package:spitfire plans

  • 16 in. (wingspan) Spitfire by Comet
  • 18 in. Spitfire
  • 18 in. Spitfire by Keil Kraft
  • 18 in. Spitfire I for co2
  • 20 in. Spitfire IX from Comet
  • 24 in. Spitfire I by Sterling
  • 25 in. Spitfire MK VB
  • 27 in. Spitfire MK14 by Aeromodeller
  • 28 in. Spitfire IX
  • 28 in. Spitfire Mk XXII
  • 30 in. Supermarine Spitfire by Capitol
  • 31 in. Spitfire VB by Model Aircraft
  • 36 in. Spitfire Mk14
  • 37 in. Spitfire VIII by American Modeler
  • 40 in. Supermarine Spitfire by Capitol Model Aircraft
  • 44 in. Spitfire Stunter
  • 64 in. Spitfire IX from American Modeller
  • Spitfire from Model Airplane News
  • Spitfire IX
  • a-19 US Navy Solid Model Plans
  • Spitfire on Floats Plans
  • +more

These plans are vintage spitfire airplane plans from various manufactures of planes/kits/plans. Some of these are for Radio Control R/C setup, and other were originally designed for co2, I/C engine, Control Line, and rubber powered flight. Also included is scale model plans for solid wood-carved spitfires.

Spitifre IX model airplane pic

In addition to the plans the data package includes:

  • Photos of spitfires
  • Files of the different markings of spitfire aircraft (RAF nightfighter, Norwegian spit, Supermarine Spitfire, desert markings, and much more).
  • Detailed cockpit photos and breakdowns of instruments/controls.



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