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Reload Ammo


Get the best reloader’s handbooks of all time! Learn how to get started reloading ammunition. Handloading has been around along time. If you are not Picture of round of ammo. Ammuntion cartridge bullet.familiar with it, its high time you learn how! Some of the best handloader’s reference manuals of all time are included in this Manuals CD.  Get these handbooks and keep them handy for quick reference without the bulk of  1000’s of pages taking up shelf space. Here’s a list of the manuals on this reference CD:

  • Complete Guide to Handloading

    By Philip B. Sharpe 1937

  • Hatcher’s Notebook

    By Julian S. Hatcher 1947

  • Handloader’s Manual

    Earl Namaore 1943

  • Our Rifles: Firearms in American History

    Charles W. Sawyer 1944

  • The American Rifle

    Towsend  Whelen  1918

  • The Bullet’s Flight from Powder to Target

    Franklin W. Mann 1909

  • The Belding & Mull Handbook

    First Published in 1936 by Belding and Mull.


ammo and magazine clip rounds. Reload and shoot your own ammo. Learn how to handload.

Here is a great overview article by Guns America’s blog on re-loading ammo.

You can read a free online ebook here on making your own tracer ammunition!

how to make your own tracer ammo. Free ebook teaches you how to make tracer ammunition.

Don’t get caught without ammunition for your firearm. With such an unstable world, it is very prudent to store ammunition. Even small steps such as saving your used brass cartridges once you’ve shot them is  a big start. Don’t ever let that brass stay on the ground when you walk away. Brass casings can be re-used. In fact, most were designed that way! The newer aluminum and steel cases are not designed to be re-used.ak-47 picture of gun.

Get this reference CD for only $9.99! All books in .pdf format, readable by any computer/device with Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have the free reader, you can download it free from here.

Get these manauls on our Gun Warrior’s Bible!The Gun Warrior's Bible case and cd picture