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By Ted Avellone, aka “Ted in Tallahassee”


how to make your own tracer ammo. Free ebook teaches you how to make tracer ammunition.


A Step-By-Step Guide to the Art of Making Your Own Tracer Ammunition.

This pamphlet is intended to serve as a practical guide for reloaders and others who have always wanted to make their own tracer ammunition but didn’t really know how to begin. While there have been several booklets offered for sale on the subject, most of these are, in the author’s opinion, seriously lacking in complete information and often describe incorrect, unworkable, and even dangerous techniques. In contrast, the information herein describes proven techniques which have been followed by at least several different individuals and have resulted in the manufacture of thousands of bright, reliable, tracer rounds in several different calibers.

You can download the book free here.
Downloads a .zip file containing 1 .pdf of book. Less than 1mb.