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Sniper Training Manuals

Marine Sniper ready for action.

Learn how to be a sniper. In every situation there is a proper response: a proper action. Do you know what to do in the sniper’s seat?  Be taught from the best! Our collection of sniper’s training manuals teach you how to snipe. Learn the proper technique and best practices.  Get all these training manuals on our Gun Warrior’s Bible information DVD.

Learn how to be a sniper. Marine and special forces training manuals.

  • USMC Sniper Training Manual FB 1-3B “Sniping”

    Published in 1981 by the Department of the Navy. This book sets forth the technique and procedures for selecting, training, and employing scout-snipers.  This manual addresses selection, training, and equipment and its care. It also provides guidance in proper and effective methods.

  • FM 3-05.222 (TC 31-32) Special Forces Sniper Training

    Covers all aspects of the special-forces sniper. Equipment, marksmanship training, breath control, field training, target analysis, operations in urban environments and much much more. Loaded with tables, charts, pictures and diagrams.

  • Counter Sniper Guide

    By the US Army shooting team. Information on counter-sniper measures. 5 Chapters of info that teach countermeasure tactics. Learn what to look for and patterns of snipers. Shows how to equip the counter-sniper properly.

  • US Army Sniper Training Manual FM 23-10

    Learn about tracking and counter-tracking. This book has a very wide scope, and includes information on sniper communications, operations in varying environments, tactics for execution of objectives, range estimation, camouflage, equipment and much more. 329 pages.

  • US Navy Seal Sniper Training Program

    Learn how to perform exercises to help you be a better sniper.  6 different exercises are taught here. Memory and observation exercises, stalking exercises and more. Also includes an introduction to night vision equipment.

  • Sniping in France By Major H. Hesketh-Prichard

    An older book covering the history of Sniping. Also recorded are memories of sniper experiences. Sniper stories and more…

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