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The Modern Gunsmith Volumes 1 & 2

The Modern Gunsmith Books Volumes 1 and 2

The Modern Gunsmith

Volumes 1 & 2

Want to learn how to make your own gun? There is no better place to start than these two classic books. Learn the basics of gunsmithing. Learn how to build a firearm. These two volumes are packed with information. Combined over 850 pages of info!

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  • By James Virgil Howe
  • Volume 1 Published in 1941 Approx. 393 pages
  • Volume 2 Published in 1958 Approx. 458 pages
  • These books come on the Gun Warrior’s Bible and are in PDF format
    readable by ANY computer with a CDROM drive.

A guide for the professional and amateur gunsmith in the design and construction of firearms, with practical suggestions for all who like guns.

Chapter titles of Volume One:

  • The Workshop Tools and General Equipment
  • Special Home-made Tools and Equipment 
  • Materials, Metals, and Supplies 
  • The Use of Tools 
  • Reading and Making Drawing’s
  • Safety With Firearms 
  • Selection of Woods 
  • Designing the Gun Stock 
  • Laying Out the Stock – Inletting the Action 
  • Modeling and Shaping the Stock 
  • Bedding Barrels and Actions 
  • Giving the Stock Its Final finish 
  • Checkering, Carving and Inlays 
  • Stock Surgery 
  • Laminated Woods for Gun Stocks
  • Modernizing Military Small Arms 
  • Fitting of Sightinq Equipment 
  • Replacement of Small Working Parts 
  • Hand-forging and Heat·treatment 
  • Revolver and Pistol Repairs 
  • Problems of the Trigger Pull 
  • Amateur Etching and Engraving 
  • Stripping Actions, Oiling and Minor Repairs 
  • Minor Repairs and Adjustments 
  • Miscellaneous Formulas and Methods 
  • Soldering, Brazing and Welding 
  • Field Repair Kits and Devices 
  • Experimental Factors Governing Small-arms Ammunition 
  • Mechanical Definitions and Phrases

Chapter titles of Volume Two:

  • Machinery, Power, and General Tool Equipment
  • Special Gunshop Tools and Accessories
  • Tools and Methods of Tool Making
  • Die Making
  • Whims and Fancies in Firearms
  • Principles of Iron and Steel
  • Heat-treatment of Steel
  • Rifle Barrel Design and Fitting
  • Barrel Tools and Their Construction
  • Barrel Drilling and Reaming
  • Rifling Barrels
  • Barrel Turning, Chambering, and Headspacing
  • The .22 Caliber Hornet -Design and Conversion
  • Relining of Rifle Barrels
  • Striking Barrels and Polishing Gun Parts
  • The Art of Bluing and Browning
  • Care of Firearms: Cleaning Bores and Removing Obstructions
  • Lapping Barrels and Polishing Shotgun Bores
  • Special Gun Parts and Their Construction
  • Manufacture of Gun Sights
  • Spring Making
  • Bullet Swages and Case-resizing Dies
  • Bullet Moulds
  • Restoration and Preservation of Antique Firearms
  • Shotgun Repairs
  • The Art of Gun Engraving
  • Appraisal of Craftsmanship
  • Review of Military Small Arms
  • Glossary of Chemicals and Substances


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