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What is an EMP?

emp video link

EMP: A terrorist dream. Click to watch short video of the effects of an EMP blast.

All about EMPs:

An electro magnetic pulse, also known as EMP is usually cause by a nuclear explosion, but can be cause by certain other types of high-energy explosions and fluctuating magnetic fields as well. In military lingo this is known as  “HEMP” -a High altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse.
This is a nuclear warhead detonated at high altitude above the earth’s surface. The effects of such a weapon depend very much on things such as how high the detonation occurred, and size of the blast (energy expended). The picture below shows the area of land affected by a EMP blast.

emp blast area map of electro-magnetic-nuclear-bomb explosion.

Also, the sun shoots out EMP-like energy called “coronal mass ejections” and “solar flares” which if aimed directly at earth can fry the power grid as happened in 1859.
In September of 1859 there was not a mass power-grid as we know today, only the beginnings of the US Telegraph network that was spread around the countryside. On September 1 what is now referred to as the “Carrington Event” happened. The Sun shot out a CME that was visible to the naked eye, and within minutes this energy reached the earth. It traveled through the telegraph’s network of wires (much like the electrical grid we have today) starting fires and shocking telegraph operators at their stations.

Imagine if this happened again in our world. Think of the devastation it could cause. All that energy traveling through our electric grid targeting whatever is at the end of the line. Such as: Computers. Critical Government Infrastructure. Motors. Lights . Everything that drives our modern world! Even modern automobiles controlled by computers would instantly stop.

Do you know how to be ready for something like this? Are you prepared?

No one knows just how much damage a EMP device would have if this was ever used. We here (the tinkersource team) hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens because it would be absolutely devastating.

Here is a interesting video by the Discovery Channel
documenting the effects of an EMP device on a car:

discovery channel emp video survive an emp blast

Click to go to the discovery channel website and watch video.

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