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The IonCraft

ioncraft strange flying machine

The IonCraft (also commonly called Lifters and Beamships) represents a highly important breakthrough in propulsion technology that may have the ability to have profound effects on how people move around the earth in the future. Imagine never being stuck in traffic again – and being able to move around the country rapidly and directly instead of being constrained to winding roads that rarely lead to exactly where you are going. . .

The IonCraft is a Biefeld-Brown effect generator/thruster that creates lift when a high voltage is applied to a corona-wire looped around the top of the device. What makes the IonCraft (and indeed, the Biefeld-Brown effect) so important is that the propulsion it produces is unique from other types of aerial propulsion in several ways:

1. The IonCraft has no moving parts.
2. The IonCraft does not require an airfoil or moving air to operate.
3. The IonCraft generates maximum lift from a standstill
4. The IonCraft appears to generate lift even when tested in a vacuum.

Unlike many proclaimed “antigravity” inventions on the internet, anyone can build and demonstrate the IonCraft. No special skills are required to build it, and anyone can test it. In reality, hundreds of people around the world already have built prototypes to amaze their friends and colleagues. Grab your plans and start building today! Take a part in the technology that will revolutionize our world! Prototypes are continually being developed, but there is MUCH more room for experimentation, and development. Our plans use simplified construction techniques, and are easy to read and follow.

Included in the plans package is a FREE bonus manual that instructs you how to build your own power supply for under 10.00 dollars (normally a HV power supply cost over 120.00 dollars).

NOTE: These plans are to build a model. This is not something that you can fly in.

Comes with 9 documents in PDF format:

  • FAQ
  • Introduction to IonCraft (lifter) technology
  • Specifications
  • Troubleshooting manual
  • Construction manual
  • Materials list
  • Testing manual
  • Safety Guide
  • FREE bonus!

Download plans now: Approx. 1mb in .zip format (contains .pdf files)
Price: $5.00
Currently not available.