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The Curtiss Wright Junior airplane photos

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Here is a nice collection of vintage photos for the Curtiss Junior from the Sand Diego Air and Space Museum archives.

CWJ Side shot
Curtiss-Wright Junior side shot
Pilots and Tarmac

Pilots and the CWJ on the tarmac.

Curtiss Junior instrument panel

Shot of the Instrument panel. Not much there!

CWJ Cockpit 1

The pilot’s seat and control stick.

CWJ by Bill Larkins

Here’s what the bare frame of the Curtiss Junior looks like.

CWJ at rest in a field

Taking it easy under the shade of the wing.

CWJ another shot

Yet another front-quarter shot of the CWJ.

CWJ decked out with writing

Decked out with writing all over the fuselage and wings….Can’t quite make it out, can you?

CWJ flying overhead

Junior flies overhead.

CWJ plain paint scheme

Front quarter-shot with different paint scheme.

quarter side shot

Chillin outside the hangar.

Rear view in the hangar

Curtiss Junior in the hangar

side shot of CWJ in field

Parked in the field


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