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Who was Augusto Cicaré?

CH7 Kompress heli picture

Augusto_Ulderico_Cicaré_CH-1Augusto Ulderico Cicaré is a inventor/engineer who was born in Buenoes Aires, Argentina. Gifted by God with a sharp mind, he built his first engine (four stroke) when he was in the 5th grade. Subsequent inventions followed, and in 1958 he built his first helicopter, the CH-1. In the beginning Augusto knew very little about helicopter design, but his heli was successful and flew well (He taught himself how to fly on his newly built helicopter).

According to Wikipedia, Augusto Cicare is still active in aviation and helicopter development and is the founder of Cicaré Helicópteros S.A.

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Cicare CH-14 Helicopter

Picture from Wikipedia, user: Sravps

Recent developments include designing the CH-14 helicopter for the Argentine Army Aviation (prototype completed in 2007) and a helicopter flight simulator that was declared Argentina’s invention of the year in 1998.

The CH-4

In 1982 Augusto Cicaré developed the CH-4, a design that had excellent maneuverability and was very stable in flight. The CH-4 was an ultralight, single-seat helic that was powered by a 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine. Someone once said, “You know you’re doing something right when you’re copied.” Evidently Cicaré’s CH4 design was a good one, because there are at least two other copies of this heli that I know of.

CH-4 Helicopter

Vortech International came out with plans to build a helicopter called the “Skylark” which is pretty much a 100% clone of the CH4. Kits can also be bought to build the Skylark.
Another variant of the CH-4 helicopter is the Furia design. Plans Delivery sells a re-drawn/re-branded model called the “Furia Helicopter.” If you look closely at the images on their website, you will notice that the product advertising pictures are just photos of the CH-4! For example, the above picture came from the official Cicaré Helicópteros website, however the pictures on the Plans Delivery website are of the exact same helicopter.

Furia Helicopter CAD Model

FURIA Metric CAD drawingIf you are interested in building the Furia helicopter, you can buy the plans from Plans Delivery, or get the metric version from our link below, however the free CAD drawings are in the German language. Metric CAD drawing work done by Fabrizio Guarisco.

Download “Furia Helicopter CAD plans (metric & in German)” Furia_Helicopter_CAD_Drawing.zip – Downloaded 1109 times – 142 MB

The CH-6

CH-6 helicopter picture

In 1989 Heli-Sport bought the design rights to Cicaré’s CH-6  and refined it into a new heli dubbed the “CH-7 Kompress.” This helicopter is powered by a Rotax 914 engine and weighs approximately 600 lbs. The Kompress can be bought in kit form and according to the manufacture takes about 200 hours to build. Heli-Sport also sells a quick-build kit that is claimed to be buildable in only 85 hours. Link to Heli-Sport. As of 3/12/15 the price of the CH-7 is roughly $96,000 -this does not include the engine or radio. (This price is based on a Euro to USD exchange rate from 3/12/15)

Talk about a beautiful bird! Pictured below is the CH7 Komress Charlie from Wikipedia user Luigi692

CH7 Kompress heli picture

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