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Tinker Source Site Update

Wow, what a lot of work!
For the past couple weeks I have been in the process of updating our website. On the surface things will still appear the same. The theme will be the same, alot of the same content, pictures, etc. But underneath it is a totally different beast.

We switched to the wordpress blogging platform to run our ecommerce site!
Huh? Well it may not mean much to you, but to us it is a huge step forward. On the old site everything was done with WYSIWYG html editors and hand editing the code to make it look how I wanted it to. It was super labor-intensive and time consuming. Whenever I wanted to add a new category to my nav menu, I had to go through and update all the code in EACH PAGE by hand. What a chore!

Now with the wordpress CMS running my website, I can spend time adding better products and content. We hope to transform into a more information-oriented site. In the future I want to add a Free Downloads category with plans and information that can be downloaded for free.

We are also using the Thesis famework to run our website now. This has a host of benefits amongst them being better SEO. Try using the Thesis framework for your website! (if you have a website…use the link I included there and I get a small referral fee)
For now I re-created my version of the Andreas01 website template in Thesis, but later we will be switching to a better responsive theme that is optimized for viewers on mobile devices.

Well, bookmark our site and stay tuned for more information and products!

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