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New Products +a free download from tinkersource

Well,  I’ve been adding products like a madman the past couple of days. We are picture of volkswagen conversionalmost back up to 100% of what the old site was.
A few things have been changed on the website. I am writing here about one change I though you would like to know about. We are now offering the VW Engine Conversion Plans as a free download. Yep, that right a free download with no strings attached.

These plans detail the conversion of a ordinary Volkswagen automobile engine from 4 cylinder stock configuration to a smaller 2 cylinder airplane powerplant. Complete DIY construction information details everything from cutting the crankcase to upgrading various internal parts.
The blue prints are in .wmf format that can be read by any computer powered by windows. I am using a Windows XP Pro computer to write this article on, and with this computer I have no problem viewing the files. I can zoom in on them to my hearts content because this file format is like a scalable vector graphic.

I guess we’ll see how long this last as a free download. I am sure it will be pretty popular so I will be monitoring bandwith closely.
Current options for getting these conversion plans include the free download as well as on a data CD.

In the near future we hope to add a purchase option to get these blueprints/files printed on 11×17 sheets. If you are looking for this immediately, contact us and I’m sure we can work something out. 🙂



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